Joined Forces with Kiesel Law, LLP

Good News!

Our firm has joined forces with California attorney Paul R. Kiesel and his law firm, Kiesel Law, LLP ( to co-represent our group of clients’ individual claims. Paul’s firm has obtained over $2 Billion in Verdicts and Settlements in large cases such as this.

I have personally worked with Paul in two other California MDL cases wherein I was able to settle my clients’ individual claims for greater amounts then what they would have received in the class actions.

Paul and I agree that the best approach is to file your claims individually. This way, our clients will not get lost in the Class Action as a number but will maintain their individual rights and claims.

We know there are other law firms filing class actions around the country, so you have a choice in which firm will represent you in your case. We firmly believe we are your best choice as we will provide you with the best representation in the upcoming MDL and give you the personal attention needed for your case.

I am always available to talk to you personally, if necessary, either by email, cell phone, texting, or Zoom.

If you have not signed up with our firm or completed the initial fact sheet, please do so immediately as we want to start amending our original lawsuit to add your individual case.

Thank you all again, and I look forward to working for you.